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Town of Rocky Mountain House
5116 50th Avenue
Box 1509
Rocky Mountain House, AB
T4T 1B2
Ph: (403) 845-2866
After Hour Emergency Line: (403) 845-3220

Engineering & Operations Department

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1. Who do I call if a street light is out or not working properly?
2. If I require Bulk Water where do I go or who do I contact?
3. How does the Town prioritize the snow removal route?
4. Where can I find sand for my sidewalk?
5. Who do I contact if I need my water shut off or turned on?
6. What do I do if my sewer is backing up?
7. When do you start street sweeping?
8. Who do I call regarding traffic signals?
9. Who do I contact if my garbage was not picked up?
10. What day is my garbage picked up?
11. If work I’m doing on my property requires me to excavate into public property, is there anyone I need to contact?