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Town of Rocky Mountain House
5116 50th Avenue
Box 1509
Rocky Mountain House, AB
T4T 1B2
Ph: (403) 845-2866
Fx: (403) 845-3230
Bylaw Officer
OfficerOfficer Responsibilities
The Town of Rocky Mountain House contracts the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires to provide bylaw services. The commissionaire is appointed by Alberta solicitor general as a peace officer and has taken an official oath with the Town of Rocky Mountain House to provide traffic and bylaw services within the town.

The commissionaire is responsible to:
  • Assist planning and development with permit posting and compliance
  • Enforce the limited / restricted parking and other parking related offenses in the downtown area of Rocky Mountain House
  • Enforce the nuisance bylaw (unsightly premise, grass or weed problems)

The Commissionaires

Since 1925 commissionaires have been safeguarding, protecting, and assisting governments, law enforcement agencies, public institutions, private industry. and individuals in a variety of ways. We operate in all ten provinces and three territories.

We are a private, not-for-profit, self-supporting organization.


Historically, we were formed to provide employment to ex-military personnel as they made the transition to civilian life after active service. We believe that it is because of this military training that commissionaires Canada exhibits exemplary discipline, loyalty, reliability and dedication to duty. We have the lowest employee turnover rate in the security services industry.

As well, every employee undergoes additional and continuous training to ensure they are equipped to meet the specific needs of each client and situation and to keep them abreast of rapidly changing technology and security needs.

Questions, Feedback, or Complaints

If you have any questions, feedback, or complaints contact commissionaire Sergent Kelly Stannard at (403) 845-2866.