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Bylaws & Policies

Town Bylaws and Policies

A list of commonly-requested bylaws and policies. If you don't see what you are looking for, please phone 403-845-2866 or email



Bullying Bylaw 04/05VAnti-Racial Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy 04/2023
Business License Bylaw 19/15V Community Grant Policy 002/2024
Cannabis and Tobacco Consumption Bylaw 2018/35V
Community Partnership Funding Policy 004/2022
Cemetery Bylaw 17/09V
Council and Member at Large Service Recognition Program Policy 011/2018
Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw 2024/06
Core Services Policy 009/2023
Clean Energy Improvement Program Tax Bylaw 2022/10
Council Professional Development Policy 001/2023
Community Standards Bylaw 2023/08Council Remuneration Policy 006/2018
Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 2024/01
Design Guidelines Policy 01/2021 (Design Guidelines)
Council Procedural Bylaw 2023/14Development Incentive Policy 006/2023
Curfew Bylaw 98/35V
Donations, Gifts-in-Kind and Staff-Supported Community Activity Policy 012/2020
Electronic Assessment and Tax Communications Bylaw 2022/11
Elected Official Meetings with the Private Sector Policy 003/2022
Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw 2023/16
Election Signage Policy 020/2020
Fire Rescue Services and Fire Control Bylaw 2020/15 Flag Flying Protocol Policy 021/2020
Fireworks Bylaw 2020/14 Fleet Management Policy 007/2023
Land-Use Bylaw 2020/19
Ice Allocation Policy 010/2021
Livestock Bylaw 2019/19V Memorial Plaque Policy 006/2022
Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 2020/20Proclamation Policy 009/2021
Non-Residential Tax Incentive Bylaw 2023/06
Procurement and Purchasing Policy 002/2020
Off-Site Levy Bylaw 17/04OS
Public Participation Policy 002/2018
Prohibition of Wildlife Feeding Bylaw 2021/05
Recognition/Memorial Bench Program Policy 010/2018
Property Tax Rate Bylaw 2023/10
Recognition/Memorial Tree Program Policy 009/2018
Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 2023/12
Restricted Surplus Funds Policy 007/2019
Small Business Property Class Bylaw 2019/11F
Roadway Winter Maintenance Policy 013/2021
Taxi Bylaw 2020/16
Rocky Mountain House Airport Maintenance Policy 008/2023
Tax Instalment Payment Plan Bylaw 2022/13
Routine Disclosure Policy 003/2023
Tax Penalty Bylaw 2022/09
Sanitary Sewer Back-up Policy 02/2021
Traffic Bylaw 2023/07
Social Media, Media Relations and Public Statements Policy 009/2020
Tree Bylaw 2012/04Temporary Use of Public Property Policy 004/2011
Truck Routes Bylaw 03/21V Amended by 14/13V 
Town Facility Rental Policy 016/2020
Urban Beekeeping Bylaw 2020/03
Travel and Expense Policy 014/2023
Waste Management Bylaw 2024/05 
TRMH Support Funding Policy 07/2024
Water, Sewer and Storm Water Bylaw 2022/03
Property Tax Relief Policy 005/2024 

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