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The Town of Rocky Mountain House does not make a profit on utilities. Utility rates are set based on the actual cost of delivering these services to residents and businesses. This cost-recovery model is part of the Town's long-term strategic plan to maintain the community’s assets. Read more about this initiative here (2019 Fact Sheet).

Residential Garbage and Recycling
Waste Management Bylaw 2020/25 governs solid waste, recycling and organics services.

Composting in Town - Curbside organics collection coming soon!
Each year a family of four in Alberta produces more than one-half tonne of organic waste. This waste is traditionally sent to landfill, but it can be composted! In addition to waste reduction, composting reduces the cost for waste disposal, protects air quality by minimizing pollutants emitted during waste disposal, keeps valuable nutrients necessary for plant growth from being lost to landfills, and protects water quality within the watershed.

Water and Wastewater
Water, Sewer and Storm Water Bylaw 2020/11 governs water, sewer and storm water services.

Read the Town of Rocky Mountain House Waste Reduction Strategy