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Development Permits

The following development permits have been issued by the Town of Rocky Mountain House Planning and Community Development Department:

Development Permit #
Description of work
Civic Address
Legal Address
Permit Details
(click to view PDF of development permit)
21/54Home Occupation - Class 1 5203 54 StLot 2 / Block A / Plan 782-2795Development Permit 21/54 (Click Here)
21/55Accessory Use - Rear Gravel Parking Pad5328 54 StLot 1 / Block 1 Plan 6499KS Development Permit 21/55 (Click Here)
21/56Demolition of Detached Dwelling and Accessory Building - Garage4924 53 StLot 17 / Block 17 / Plan 942-3309Development Permit 21/56 (Click Here)
21/57Home Occupation - Class 1 6305 58A StLot H / Block 1 / Plan 202-1554Development Permit 21/57 (Click Here)
21/58Accessory Building - Shed5011 62 StLot 1 / Plan 3803KSDevelopment Permit 21/58 (Click Here)
21/59Home Occupation - Class 2 5220 - 52 StLot 10 / Block 55 / Plan 3656RSDevelopment Permit 21/59 (Click Here)

Any person claiming to be affected by a discretionary use decision of the Development Authority may appeal to the Regional Subdivision Development Appeal Board (SDAB) by serving written notice of appeal, along with the applicable fee of $150, within 21-calendar days after the date on which the written decision is given. A notice of appeal should be filed with the Regional SDAB - PCPS at Unit B, 4730 Ross Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1X2.

A permitted use decision may not be appealed unless it involves a variation or misinterpretation of the Town's Land Use Bylaw. 

If you have any questions on the above information, please contact Planning and Community Development Department at 403-847-5260.