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The Town of Rocky Mountain House’s Multi-Disciplines Quality Management Plan has been approved by the Alberta Safety Codes Council. As
of July 27, the  Planning and Community Development Department will be able to issue all the required permits needed for a new dwelling, renovations or upgrades for residences and businesses of Rocky Mountain House. Apply for your development, building, gas, electrical and plumbing permits in one place!  

The Town of Rocky Mountain House is pleased to offer this streamlined service to residents, contractors and businesses.
Phone 403-847-5260 for details. Multi-discipline permits can be issued as of July 27, 2020.

Permit and application forms

Development Permit Applications

Building Permit Application Forms  (See Building Permit Application Checklist for More Information)

Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Private Sewage Permits

Other Forms

Fire Permits

Click Here to View Bylaw 2020/15 - Town of Rocky Mountain House Fire Rescue Services and Fire Control Bylaw

A fire permit is required for the burning of burnable debris within the Town and a Fire Permit application is required (Click Here to View the Fire Permit Application Form) . Section 2.4 of Bylaw 2020/15 defines Burnable Debris as;

a.  straw and stubble;

b.  grass and weeds;

c.  leaves and tree pruning's;

d. brush and fallen trees on newly cleared land or associated with logging operations;

e. used power, telegraph and telephone poles that do not contain wood preservatives;

f. wooden materials, which do not contain wood preservatives, from the construction or    demolition of buildings;

g. solid waste from post and pole operations that does not contain wood preservatives;

h. solid waste from tree harvesting operations;


As per section 11.2 of the Fire Bylaw 2020/15, a burn permit is not required for;

a. cooking food using a portable cooking appliance;

b. burning in municipal or private campgrounds and parks where Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits and stoves have been approved by the Town. All portable cooking appliances including Gas-fired grills must meet CSA Group certification;

c.  burning a smudge fire;

d. burning by the Fire Department for the purpose of training or hazard abatement;

e. the installation and operation of an outdoor incinerator;

f. the installation and operation of an outdoor fire pit; and,

g. any process, industry or facility that is governed or regulated, pursuant to the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Click Here for Residential / Recreational Fire Pit Requirements and Recommendations

Fireworks Permit 

Click here to view information for Businesses and Consumers

Click Here to View Bylaw 2020/14 - Fireworks Bylaw

A Fireworks Permit is required for the discharge of consumer, display fireworks and pyrotechnics within the Town of Rocky Mountain House. We have three types of permit applications:

Consumer (Low Hazard) Fireworks (Click Here to View Application Form) - means fireworks which are designed for recreational use and are classified as low-hazard fireworks within the Explosives Act but does not include sparklers;

Display (High-Hazard) Fireworks (Click Here to View Application Form)  - means fireworks that are designed for professional use and are classified as high-hazard within the Explosives Act.

Special Effects - Pyrotechnic (Click Here to View Application Form) has the same meaning as special effects pyrotechnics in the Explosives Regulations.

No person shall sell, display, possess or discharge any prohibited fireworks.

Information brochures

Questions about Town building and development permits? check out the information brochures below:

Building Permit Process     

Change in Occupancies & Tenant Improvements 

Fence Brochure       

Land Use Amendment Process        

Secondary Suites        

Subdivision Application Process       

Urban Hens Brochure

For questions on any of the above or for assistance completing an application form, contact Planning and Community Development at 403- 847-5260.

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