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Land Use Bylaw

Bylaw 2020/19 – Town of Rocky Mountain House Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is the document that designates land into different zoning districts, and regulates the purposes for which land and buildings may be used in each district. The LUB provides clear regulatory direction for land use and buildings to ensure successful implementation of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). While the MDP provides the road map, the LUB provides the guidance to see it through by regulating use and development of land and buildings within the Town. It sets out various zoning districts, acceptable uses within each area, and how decisions on development applications are made.

The LUB is the most specific planning document, and is the primary document referred to in development permit decisions. For any new development in Town, reference the appropriate section or zoning district to ensure the proposed development will conform with the Land Use Bylaw.  

Please see the Land Use Bylaw Zoning Map and find your property on the map to determine your zoning.

Overtime, the Land Use Bylaw may be amended. Click here to view the list of Land Use Bylaw amendments (as of January 24, 2024).

Where can I find out about land use amendments or changes to other statutory planning documents?

If Council is considering changing a statutory planning bylaw, such as the Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan, or an Area Structure Plan, notices of public hearings and a summary of the proposed change are required to be published in the local newspaper.  These are also posted to our website.

Land Use Amendment Process