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Water & Wastewater utilities

Preventing frozen water lines annual winter reminder

In cold temperatures, water service lines can freeze if frost is pushed below the water line. Water lines inside the home and on outside walls can also freeze due to extreme wind chill and cold drafts.

Repair costs associated with frozen pipes are the responsibility of the homeowner. You can help prevent frozen pipes by keeping your home heated at normal levels to avoid cold spots.

The sooner a frozen line is thawed, the better. Over time, freezing will extend further along the line and make thawing more difficult, time-consuming and potentially more costly.

To prevent a frozen water line

  • Insulate the outside lines: wrap any water lines near outer walls or doors with insulation. You can wrap your exterior water lines with heat tape to help prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the water flowing: frequently drawing water from the tap, or leaving a small trickle running from a tap, may prevent freezing because it creates a constant flow of water.
  • Turn off outdoor hoses: double check your outside hose faucet to ensure they're closed off; if they freeze, they can burst and may cause water to drain into your home.

To determine if a service line is frozen...

You can help diagnose the problem by turning on all the faucets inside the house and flushing each toilet. If there is no water flowing from any fixture and  no known water main break in your area, it's likely you have a frozen service line outside your home on your property.

Posted Dec. 29, 2020

Water, Sewer and Storm Water Bylaw 2020/11 governs the administration of these services. 

The Town of Rocky Mountain House does not make a profit on utilities, and only charges what it costs to deliver utility services to residents and businesses. Recent changes to utility rates and and fees are outlined in the Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw 2021/01

Utilities are invoiced monthly. 

Please note that the Town of Rocky Mountain House will apply your payment to your account on the day on which it is received. It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is received by the due date. 


  • Pay in person by debit, credit card, cash or cheque at:
    5116 50th Ave.
    Rocky Mountain House    
  • Mail a cheque to:
    P.O. Box 1509
    Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1B2    
  • Pay online through your financial institution using “Rocky Mountain House Utility” as the payee. Please note: online payments may take 1-3 business days to process.
  • Signup for the pre-authorized utility payment option (print and return the form to the Town Office with a VOID cheque).
  • Online Credit Card payments may be completed through This secure, third-party Canadian payment provider accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express for a convenience fee.                                                    


All new utility accounts will be created and remain in the name of the property owner as per Water, Sewer and Storm Water Bylaw 2020/11 . As a property owner, if you would like your tenant to receive a copy of the property’s utility bill, please download the Landlord/Tenant Agreement form and return to the Town Office or email to


Electronic billing for Utilities is now available! If you would like to sign up for eBilling, please submit a request to with the email you would like to use. Please also provide your name, address, phone number and account number.

Alternatively, you may print the eBillling Form and mail or drop off the information at the Town Office, 5116 50 Ave

Note: The email server does not accept encrypted emails - please phone, mail or come into the office if you do not wish to send information via email.

For more information contact the Town Office at 403-845-2866.


Properties with utility accounts 90 days past-due will receive a disconnection notice. The accounts must be paid within 10 days of notice, otherwise disconnection will take place. If there is a corresponding tax roll, the amount in arrears will be transferred to the property taxes in lieu of a disconnection.


Where the water supply has been disconnected due to default of payment, reconnection shall only happen after payment of all arrears, penalties, and disconnection charges have been paid. Please be aware there will be a fee of $50 added to any account that is disconnected. Service calls after 4 PM or on a non-business day are subject to a $100 fee.

For more information on all utility services, responsibilities and fees, please refer to Water, Sewer and Storm Water Bylaw 2020/11 or Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw 2021/01, .


You are responsible for paying your utility invoice on time. It is your responsibility to ensure The Town of Rocky Mountain House has your current contact information on file. This minimizes missed payments, and will ensure any remaining deposits or final billings are sent to the proper address.

If you are moving or otherwise making any changes to your mailing address, name or telephone number, please let us know by completing a Change of Details form and returning it to