Martha Kostuch Environmental Stewardship Award


Martha Kostuch Environmental Stewardship Award Full Criteria
Background: Martha Kostuch
Policy 011/2008 - Martha Kostuch Memorial Award

The Martha Kostuch Environmental Stewardship Award is a memorial award created to recognize and celebrate Martha Kostuch’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

The award recognizes environmental stewardship in the community by creating awareness and celebrating environmental excellence in recognizing individual, community, and corporate successes in support of a sustainable future.

Each year this program may honour recipients in four categories: Business, Community Group, Youth/School and Individual.

Town Council will identify and/or receive nominations and decide if an individual(s), community group or organization, or corporate business meets the outlined criteria to receive the award. Town Council will receive nominations or identify individuals, organizations, or business based on the following criteria:

Commitment to the education, preservation, protection, enhancement impacting the quality of air, water or land.

Town Council reserves the right to assign a nomination to an alternate category provided the nominator agrees to the reassignment. Decisions of Town Council are final. Posthumous nominations cannot be accepted.

The Martha Kostuch Environmental Stewardship Award may not necessarily be presented each year.

Categories are as follows:

1. BUSINESS: This category recognizes any local business, small or large, that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

2. COMMUNITY GROUP: This category recognizes community groups, agencies, and not-for-profit organizations that demonstrate specific environmental initiatives that has produced positive change.

3. YOUTH/SCHOOL: This category recognizes young people for initiatives and actions that demonstrate community leadership pertaining to environmental sustainability. This category includes programs administered in the communities’ schools.

4. INDIVIDUAL: This category recognizes individuals committed in protecting the environment through personal initiative that may include public education and inspiring others in the community to commit to environmental sustainability.

Complete the nomination form below:

Martha Kostuch Environmental Stewardship Award Nomination Form

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