Map of Edible Fruit Trees

Town of Rocky Mountain House Edible Fruit Trees

The Town of Rocky Mountain House maintains over 14 kilometers of walking trails, 22 parks and playgrounds, and many, many acres of green space! While many residents maintain private gardens and fruit trees, there are seasonal fruit crops growing on public lands as well.

Apple, cherry, and saskatoon berry trees are the most common, but in 2021 the Town identified other varieties of fruit-bearing trees that are well-suited to our climate. If Town trees need to be replaced or newly planted, the Town will choose from edible varieties whenever possible. Expect this map to grow in the coming years!

Apple tree on 60 StreetSaskatoon berries near
Westview Lodge

Members of the public are welcome to harvest from fruit trees on the Town of Rocky Mountain House property with a full understanding of the following:

1. No damage or harm is caused to the tree including broken branches, pruning, or removal of any woody materials.

2. Citizens assume responsibility for their own safety.

3. Some trees have been planted in memory or recognition of community members. Please respect the memorial plaques found at the base of these trees.

Click on a tree or berry icon for location, directions and details.

Fruit crops will vary by season. More trees will be added to this map as they are planted, or as existing trees mature enough to bear fruit.

To suggest changes or additions to this map, please email