Civic Building

Update December 20, 2023:

In 2024, the Town will hire a consultant to gauge the interest and feasibility of other user groups collaborating on a new Civic Building. As part of the Town's 2024 approved budget, Council has earmarked $50,000 towards this effort.  


Council is considering the possibility of building a new civic building for the Town of Rocky Mountain House.

The existing Town Office, built in 1973, is beyond its life expectancy. Noted deficiencies include: 

  • The building is non-compliant with the building code regarding handicapped accessibility to the lower floor, washrooms, reception counters and doorways. 
  • The mechanical system is operationally deficient or marginal and individual components of both the HVAC and plumbing system are non-code compliant. 
  • Mechanical upgrades are required for code compliance with ducting, fresh air returns, plumbing, lighting, and electrical outlets. 
  • Asbestos and other hazardous building materials exist throughout the facility.  
  • The fire rating in the floor between the two levels is inadequate, and the lower level has a dead-end corridor without proper fire egress.
  • Insulation in the exterior walls is insufficient causing offices to be too cold or hot in different seasons.  
  • The space allocation for Council chambers, offices and workspaces are below current standards for office buildings.

After reviewing a 2011 building evaluation report and a 2022 feasibility study that examined the existing condition of the Town Office and the current and projected spatial requirements of Town administrative functions, Council is considering leveraging the Town’s strong financial position to plan for a civic building we can all be proud of.

View the reports:
2022 Town of Rocky Mountain House Town Hall Feasibility Study by JMAA Architecture
2021 Town Hall Building Assessment Update
2011 Building Evaluation by Scott Builders Inc. 

If Council chooses to move ahead with the planning and construction of a new civic building, it could serve as more than just a town hall. Many communities use their civic buildings to host other services or share public spaces with other organizations. 

Public engagement period July 11 to September 30, 2023:
Before moving further ahead in the planning process, Council asked residents to weigh in about their visions and priorities.

On July 4, Council approved the preliminary public engagement plan and survey, which included the following components:

  1. Coffee with a Councillor.
    1. Speaking notes to assist Council in answering questions from the public.
    2. Direct conversations with members of the public.
    3. Invite members of the public to complete online survey
  2. Marketplace on Main (during Coffee with a Coucillor sessions)
    1. Direct conversations with members of the public
    2. Invite members of the public to complete online survey using tablet.
  3. Online survey published on the Town’s website, including town hall assessment and feasibility studies.
  4. As per #3, shared via social media channels.
  5. As per #3, shared via website registrants and in utilities newsletter.
  6. Engagement board in Town Office.
    1. Easel with information bulletin and comment cards to reach members of the public who visit the Town Office.

Council reviewed all feedback during its 2023 Service Level Review.

Click here to view the summary of public engagement and feedback.

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